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Lentex LLC is the largest manufacturer of hosiery and knitwear in Armenia. Our factory was founded in 2002 in the city of Gyumri. In the initial stages of the business activity, we entered the market with women's elastic pantyhose under the trademark \"VIVA\", and beginning in 2007 it introduced a new line of cotton socks production under the trademark “LENTEX’. Our products are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and imported raw materials from leading foreign companies. In 2015, with the launch of the newest brand \"DANNI\" a new phase in the company’s history has begun. “DANNI” is a collection of high-quality pantyhose, men's, women's, children's socks, and also knitwear for all age groups. In 2019, the foundation was laid for the production of pantyhose with new technologies under the name \"OLETTI\", which now enjoys great demand from the consumer. Due to the flexible marketing policy, the company responds quickly to the needs of the consumers and also makes exclusive orders based on the customer's preferences.

About Trademark


Viva No Name чулки Women Tights

Danni Classic DCL-4601 Men Socks

Composition: cotton 80% pol

Lentex Xo Xo Kids tights

Composition: cotton 85% pol

Baby Bodysuit

Composition: cotton 100%


Look and feel cosy in comfortable hosiery in a variety of styles


Elegance shines through in the perfect footwear.