High-quality combed cotton is used in the produced goods. Obtained from the best sorts of raw-cotton, it provides better consuming quality. Its use makes the surface of the goods better; it provides smoother texture,refined relief and richness of colour.

Articles made of high-quality combed cotton are hygienic and hydroscopic, they are comfortable and pleasant for skin.

Besides, goods made of high-quality combed cotton are wear-resistant as compared with other goods of the kind.

Viscose is the first artificial fiber. Invented at the end of the 19th century, it has kept its significance up to now. It is made out of natural substance- cellulose, so it is considered to the most “natural” among all sorts of chemical fiber. This fiber is identical to cotton in its quality and it combines the best characteristics of cotton: softness, hygienic properties, nice surface, wear-resistance, proper fitting.