At the beginning of its activity only women’s tights were manufactured with brand “Viva”. Afterwards a new department with socks-knitting machinery was actuated.

Today Lentex LLC is the only Armenian factory with the absolutely full range of socks and hosiery, from babies to adults, of different colour and size, suitable for every season. Our production is made according to state standards and has got all appropriate licences. Lentex performs high quality output in the assortment of more than 100 types. Renovation of colour range and design every season, wonderful design in accordance with the latest fashion tendencies make our production actual at product market. The increase of our brand acceptance confirms year-to-year growth of Lentex output.

Thanks to flexible marketing policy our company reacts to consumers’ demand as quickly as possible. Customers can have tights or socks made to order, according to their desires. In Armenia we have three brand shops, where the full variety of Lentex production is performed

Our regular customers can buy socks and tights at cut rates and have delay in payment.
We are ready to co-operate!

LENTEX LLC Corporative Social Responsibility Policy

The goal of LENTEX LLC (hereafter referred to as LENTEX) corporate social responsibility(CSR) policy is to define the areas of company,s  CSR, basic principles, and make them known and available to all its stakeholders.

LENTEX CSR pertains to all areas and all levels of the company’s activities.  With its CSR policy, LENTEX declares that it is committed to 

  • Act in a socially responsible manner
  • Continually improve its performance by meeting and exceeding country’s legislative requirements
  • Encourage its employees and other stakeholders (suppliers, contractors, vendors, etc.) to act in environmentally responsible and accountable manner
  • Continually improve its CSR strategy

Areas of CSR

LENTEX CSR policy includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Workplace Safety: by implementing social programs and other measures to ensure safe working conditions at LENTEX facilities
  • Good Working Environment: by cultivating and promoting the culture of diversity and inclusion to make LENTEX a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work
  • Staff Development:by implementingcorporate policies of staff development and recognition based on principle of fairness and justice.  Staff will be encouraged and supported to further professionally, will be provided with necessary resources and equipment to perform their duties.
  • Community Development: by implementing social programs aimed at the development and well-being of our community and its residents

Basic Principles of LENTEX Social Policy

LENTEX will apply the following principles in its social policy:

  1. Quality: LENTEX strives to produce high quality goods and services to its patrons and other stakeholders
  2. Equal Opportunity: LENTEXis committed to ensure equal opportunities to all qualified candidates, regardless of their race, age, religion, ethnicity,gender, sexual orientation, family and social status. The company is committed to accommodate its employees, including those with disabilities, with safe and comfortable working conditions.
  3. Environment: LENTEXconsiders nature a universal value and its protection anessential obligation for everyone.  It is committed to operate in an environmentally responsible and conscious manner by abiding to all the environmental norms in Armenia.  LENTEX promoteshealthy lifestyle as an indispensable attribute to clean environment.
  4. Charity: LENTEX is committed to fund, when possible, social projects of charitable nature to help the disadvantageous groups, individuals, and institutions
  5. Partnership:  LENTEX encourages partnerships with other stakeholders directed at implementing socially responsible activities and creating public goods.  LENTEX is committed to advocate for corporate social responsibility in trade associations, chambers of commerce, and other business organizations and unions.



LENTEX will make its CSR Policy available to all stakeholders by posting it on its corporate web page at

LENTEX is committed to constantly improve its CSR Policy and promote socially responsible behavior within its organization, and the community in general.